Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm not really a journal person. I don’t have anything against journal writing itself, but I do feel that needless autobiographical publications in this day and age have reached rather unfortunate levels. I think most of you will agree.

However, I do enjoy hearing about the cool things my friends are doing, and I also enjoy telling my friends about the even cooler things that I’m doing. So how do I tell everyone who wants to know about all the mountains, trails, and bottles of soju I’ve conquered without getting boring and repetitive?

I came, I saw, I threw up on that rock

Well, I decided to set aside any expectations for temporal organization in my blog, and instead focus my creative energies and experiences into a series of articles about life here in Korea. Each article will cover a different topic, and each will have a cheesy, cliché, or just plain lame title (see above) so that my two readers will be able to easily judge its content and know if they want to read it or just skim over their Facebook news feed again. I will also attempt to fill my posts with pictures and links to other more interesting stuff just to throw you off. Or something.


I’m also open to feedback and suggestions, so long as it’s about how awesome I am or how I could be less awesome if I really wanted to be. Also feel free to discuss the topics I bring up or to verbally abuse me for making judgments based on my own narrow experience with Korean culture. Actually, you know, I’ll just try to avoid the judging. I’ll leave that to you guys.

So there you are, introduced. I hope you enjoy my stories and observations. And pictures.



  1. = one of the funniest websites of all time. Good lookin' out!


  2. yeah i totally got distracted by the link. i love that site!